Ja, was würde die Liebe jetzt tun? Das ist die Frage aller Fragen, die ich mir immer dann stelle, wenn Zorn, Enttäuschung und Selbstmitleid über mich hinwegfegen. Was hilft mir, wieder mitfühlend zu sein? Mich nicht immer tiefer in den Sumpf negativer Gefühle ziehen zu lassen, die mich nicht vorwärtsbringen?

Ich höre Musik, die mir gut tut, folge Neale Donald Walsch auf twitter und lese gerne, und Lean-Inspirationen. Meine 24 liebsten Artikel, die mich gründlich und nachhaltig beeinflusst haben, seht ihr nun hier für euch gesammelt – vielleicht findet ihr darin etwas, das euch auch so sehr wie mir gefällt. Die Links und Zitate stelle ich im englischen Original bereit, damit die ganze Tragweite der wunderbaren Worte erhalten bleibt und nicht durch die Übertragung in eine andere Sprache gefiltert wird. Wenn ihr Verständnisschwierigkeiten habt, aber trotzdem neugierig seid, dann schreibt mir gerne und ich unterstütze euch beim Übersetzen. Was hilft euch durch schwere Zeiten? Lasst hören! (-:

Heal Your Soul, Heal Your Self
“The only real healing is one that helps a person connect their mind and their body to understand how their symptoms have come about from separation from true-self. The best medicine therefore, is the one that reveals the choices and empowers the way to change the choices we’ve made that are out of alignment with ourselves.”

Which Reality Is Real?
“Wholeness is safe; duality isn’t.”

The Binary Myth
“Why must people be right or wrong? Everyone is simply doing the best they can. Hold aloft a different torch and you soon see that everyone is expressing or requesting love with every action. The world of form is a roiling sea of love.”

How You can Create Your Reality
“Everything is energy. That’s all. You are energy. The reason you incarnate on Planet Earth is to remember that and to learn how to manage what you are. In plainer words – to learn how to manipulate energy in order to create matter.”

Making Choices With Love
“And even fear cannot exist without love, for fear is ultimately the fear of not being loved, of not being love and, therefore, of not being.”

Lead with Love. Always.
“Learn to love receiving help from others. If you are ill or down, remember there really are people who love taking care of you. Allow it. You’re not a burden to everybody. Learn to love to forgive. Forgiving means to fore-give – love is given before anything else. Yes, it’s hard to forgive sometimes. We are every one of us, however, doing the best we can.”

The Secret to a GREAT Day
“As a gentle reminder… tomorrow is not guaranteed for anyone. You have been given the gift of this day. While your schedule may be predetermined by your responsibilities, your perspective is your own to choose. Start your morning with the anticipation that something great will happen… big or small… and be watchful.”

The Great Secret of Human Life
“By providing selfless service to others. By thinking about other people more than you think about yourself. By talking less and listening more. By giving more than you receive.”

3 Ways to Practice Patience at Work
“Acceptance of difficulty. Not acting hastily. Acceptance of what is true.”

4 Ways to Slow Down and be Mindful
“S.T.O.P.: Stop, Take a breath, Observe, Proceed with wisdom.”

5 Questions That Will Change Your Life
“Is it true? Is this thought empowering or disempowering me? How can I leverage this experience to become even better? What’s one thing I could stop doing today that would have the most positive impact in my life? What is it I’m not facing?”

8 Ways to Live Compassionately In the Present Moment
“Practice R.A.I.N: R – Recognize what is actually going on in your thoughts, emotions, and sensations; A – Allow them to be. Acknowledge what you are feeling; I – Investigate your feelings. What is really there?; N – Non-identify with them. They are just mental events and are not a full definition of who you are.”

The Art of Subtraction
“The simplicity of Zen practice is the practice of things as they actually are. It is not an attitude or a stance or an affectation. It is not something extra. It is actually feeling the cup in your hand when you lift it. It is not doing something else at the same time, absent-mindedly turning a storyline this way and that in your mind whilst giving a minimal amount of attention to the cup, even if the story is that you are "being mindful". It is really paying attention to what you are doing.”

Need a Miracle? Look Within!
“These may be great ways to spend one’s time on earth, but it is so good to know that, no matter what, regardless of what happens, what life path you choose, what mistakes you make, or what knowledge you gain or don’t gain, you cannot avoid the inevitability that you will return home one day. This is your birthright. This is the inevitable fate of one that was created in wholeness and Love, through a source that has never left you, and never will.”

The Beauty I See In You
“I long for you to know the beauty I see in you, to know that you are enough just as you are, that you are loved beyond measure and capable of anything. I long for you to know that you are an infinite soul here simply to have the human experience, to share your gifts and find your way home to love.”

With Empathy, Together We Fly
“When someone thanked me for driving them to the airport recently, I responded with “I’m so glad that I could help”, instead of “No problem”. It’s really important to know how to give and receive gratitude, compassionately.”

The Power of Forgiveness
“Forgiveness is a gift we give to ourselves. It frees up the energy we had invested in making another, or ourselves, wrong. Ultimately, forgiveness is letting go of the illusion that something actually ever went wrong. Self-forgiveness is reclaiming our innocence. It means letting go of our ideas about how we thought we should have done things differently. We let go of the belief that we should have known what we didn’t know then. We let go of the story that we should have been something we were not then, or that we should have acted in a way that we were not capable of at that time. Forgiveness is a choice.”

Honoring The Divine Within
“Say “I love you,” silently in your head every time you interact with anyone. The busy barista at your favorite coffee shop. Your snooty hair dresser. Your meanest neighbor. Your cranky dry cleaner. “I see the divine in you.” “I love you.” “I feel the human connection between us right now.””

You are Perfect and Whole Just as You Are – Right Here, Right Now
“You are magnificent. And perfect just as you are in this very moment. If you are carrying pain, if you are unhappy or if someone has done or said something that hurt you, know that it was not about you at all. You are beautiful. You are always loved. Your soul is eternal, though you will one day leave this body behind. Love and appreciate all of what makes you you while you are here.”

Life Begins When You Do
“The only opinion about your life that matters is yours. Apologize. Act on core values. Choose. Don’t dilute your endeavors with justifications or explanations. Own your actions. Allow others to own theirs.”

Your Beliefs Can Save Your Life!
“When you discover that you can change any belief you have, regardless of where it came from, you learn that you can choose your experiences in life. You become a master, rather than a victim, of your reality.”

Embrace Your Intuition
“Do you say, “See what I mean or see what I am saying” often? That’s clairvoyance/seer. Do you say, “I feel or I am feeling that” a lot when you talk? That’s clairsentience/feeler. Do you find yourself saying, “Hear what I am saying or hear what I mean”? That’s clairaudience/hearer. Do you say, “Know what I mean or know what I am saying”? That’s claircognizance/knower.”

The Power of Truth
“Here’s the truth: These are false statements about yourself based on your PAST. You came to these conclusions based on what has happened in your life up until this point. They have nothing to do with your future unless you choose to let them control your life. Remember: your words become your life.”

We Are All One
“And in the moments of collision with others remind yourself to be just as compassionate as you were with yourself not long before because we are all in this together, we are all the same in the most poignant way; even our differences share the same roots. Breathe deeply and think about the air you share with the rest of our world. We are together in comfort and sorrow. We are fitted together as one.”